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A challenge to Atlantic´s innovation
and technical skill was the completion
of a mechanical repair to a 20 year
old 4250 kw motor rotor. The 280mm
drive end shaft had suffered a
torsional fatigue failure, the proposed
solution being to remove the damaged
drive end, counter bore the main body
and shrink fit a new manufactured
stub shaft into the counter bore.

The stub shaft was MIG welded to the
main body and finish machined; a
critical factor was the protection
of the windings throughout the repair.
Atlantic Engineering has supported
the electrical power industry since 1983,
the main service being the reclamation
of motor shafts by spiral MIG welding,
a process which comes into its own
when journals,threads and keyways are
severely damaged.

All weld procedures are approved by
3rd parties such as Lloyds or DNV.
Non destructive testing is carried out
by our own PCN accredited engineers.


A typical Atlantic Engineering
emergency project addressed
the cranked rudder stock of
a 13000 dwt cargo ship, the
ship had suffered stern damage
during docking. The repair of
the stock, weighing around
9 tonnes, called for the
removal of a twist of 12
degrees and a 5mm bend in
the upper part of the 465mm
diameter stock.

This repair was achieved by
machining, automatic spiral
welding and stress relieving
by heating to 620oC, the
tiller and pallister were
then recut. In order to preserve
the main stainless steel sleeve
for further use, portable heat
blankets were attached and the
sleeve heated to 260oC, it was
then possible to remove the
sleeve without damage.

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