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A new addition to the workshop machining
capacity is the introduction of an upgraded
XR 1500 vertical machining centre;
this supersedes the previous XP3 HPD VMC.

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Although shafts of all shapes and sizes
are repaired and refurbished on a daily
basis at Atlantic, this contract carried
out for the US Army watercraft maintenance
division may be particularly interesting.
Because of Atlantic´s unconditional approval
for propeller shaft repair from the American
Bureau of Shipping, the two 8.5 metre
propeller shafts were delivered with
instructions to remove the nickel alloy
bearing sleeves and replace them with a
spiral weld overlay of inconel 625.
The bearing sleeves were machined off the
shaft and the GRP wrap on the non-bearing
areas of the shafts were removed, the areas
beneath these wrappings were found
to be badly pitted.

Classification approved propeller shaft repairs

In accordance with an approved ABS weld
procedure, these areas were prep machined
and built up with automatic spiral weld
overlay and machined back to original dimensions.

Classification approved propeller shaft repairs
The bearing areas were built up to a thickness
of 20mm using carbon steel overlay followed by
inconel 625 to enhance the wear and anti-
corrosive properties of the shafts. After final
non-destructive examination of the shafts,
GRP wrap was applied to the non-bearing areas
and an electric spark test applied to check
the coating for defects, all witnessed by class.

Classification approved propeller shaft repairs

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Atlantic recently won a major contract for the
supply of fifty-three fuel and lubricating oil
on board test kits to the Greek shipping market.
The test kits are manufactured in our laboratory
and marketed under our FUELAB label.
Originally developed during the companies
Ocean Fleets days, these kits have remained popular
with ship owners for checking the quality of oils
on delivery, they can also be used to assist in the
investigation of operational difficulties.

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