Spiral welding specialists Atlantic Engineering profile

Manual MIG (Manual Synergic pulsed)
Used for high deposition rate welding using solid
and cored wires which offer a wide choice of metals
to overlay or match parent metals to a high quality.

Manual TIG
A very high quality welding process used extensively
in the Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industries.

Manual Metal Arc
Used extensively for a wide range of specialist
fabrications and and repairs.

Spiral Welding (Automatic MIG & TIG)
Particularly beneficial in reclaiming propeller shafts,
pump shafts, splined shafts and Impellers.
The rotary action also means an even distribution
of weld metal and heat input resulting in minimum
stress and distortion.

Spiral Welding of Large Motor Rotor
Atlantic Engineering´s welding expertise can offer
an alternative to high cost replacement

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